World Elder Abuse Awareness Day home care

Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. We at Family Bridges would like to bring attention to this day so we can all prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation of elders, while committing to the justice for all.

According to the Home Care Association of America, roughly 1 out of 10 elders have been either neglected, abused or exploited.

Some seniors may suffer from issues without discussing it. If the senior has a change in personality, behavior or physical condition, it may be time to ask questions.

Types of Senior Abuse

Seniors may be more targeted to abuse in one of the four types below:

  • Neglect– this can happen directly inside a home or indirectly by not giving proper attention. They can lack basic hygiene, food, medical aids, supervision, left in bed, etc.
  • Financial Abuse– this can result from scammers calling or people coming to the door. It is important to have somewhere there to supervise and have a trusted family member take over their financials.
  • Psychological/Emotional Abuse– this can result from people being cruel or demeaning. It is important to make sure a caring family member or caregiver is watching over them.
  • Physical Abuse– this can result from any signs of bruises or sores. It is important to ask questions when signs of physical abuse are spotted so a change of plan can be made immediately to prevent problems in the future.

We hope you will share this message to bring more people in awareness, and to treat our elders like we would like to be treated. Family Bridges is dedicated to providing the best, ethical caregiving services to seniors so they can live in the comfort of their homes.


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