Medicare information for home care.One question we get asked a lot about is if Medicare pays for in home care services.

The answer to this question can vary because it depends on the type of service needed and the agency you choose.




Type of Service Needed

Medicare will only pay for home care when it is skill-able and will result in positive results for the client. This typically means the patient is having health issues which requires care to improve their health. These requirements for Medicare hold true nation wide because it is a federally run health care program.

Typically, the services will require a skilled nurse or health practitioner which leads me onto my next point.

Certified Agencies

Home care agencies can only accept Medicare if they are Medicare certified. These are commonly called medical home health care agencies. Since we are a non-medical home care agency, we can not accept Medicare, but we can indirectly help Medicare patients with hygiene visits such as bathing, occupational and physical therapy.

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  1. In home care is one of the preferred methods of care for many elderly individuals and having medicare pay for it if possible takes a major burden off of families.

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