Who is at risk for alzheimersAccording to alzheimers.gov, folks with the below are more likely to get Alzheimer’s:

  1. Upper Age– the older someone gets, drastically increases the risk.
  2. Genetics– if someone had an older family member with the disease, they are of course at a greater risk than someone without many relatives with it. You can look at your family tree and find out who had Alzheimer’s.
  3. Medical histories– folks with Down syndrome, other developmental disorders, repeated concussions and traumatic bran injuries are known to have a higher risk.

If someone is in all three of the above categories, they may be in the greatest risk, but alzheimers.gov goes on to say the below:

“Being at higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease does not necessarily mean that you will develop the disease.”

If your family member currently has Alzheimer’s and needs someone to care for them, our caregivers can help assist them in the comfort of their home. Please contact us online here or by calling us at (888) 900-0048.

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