Disabled/Disability In-Home Care Services

To provide as much independence as possible – that’s the goal of Family Bridges’ home-based disability care. We know that independence is the first thing many people feel they’ve lost when confronted with a disability. Our compassionate caregivers wish to give as much of it back as possible and focus on that lofty goal with every interaction. That’s one of the reasons our care is rated so highly by people just like you.

No matter what disability you or your loved one is dealing with, our caring staff can help you by lightening the load you have to deal with each day. From helping you stay safe inside and outside the home to assisting with grooming, hygiene, and dressing, there’s so much that our team can do to make your life better, more enjoyable, and free from worries over menial tasks. It’s sure to be the ideal solution for your specific needs.

Family Bridges provides the finest at-home disability care in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Our caregivers are trustworthy, reliable, and responsive – exactly what you hope for when you choose a home care provider. So, make the right choice in disability care and call Family Bridges for a free care consultation right in the home.

Complete Home Care for the Disabled

Family Bridges understands the difficulties you face when living with a disability. Our home-based disability care is tailored to your specific needs. Whether that entails housework – including laundry services – or transportation assistance to and from your destinations, we’ll be there to ensure you’re needs are met in a timely manner. So, go with Family Bridges for home disability care. You’ll get safety, security, and comfort with every visit.

Our amazing caregivers are friendly, compassionate, and forward-thinking. They’ll do their best to anticipate your needs and go the extra mile to see you satisfied. They’ve helped build our reputation for home-based care and will impress you on their very first visit. Their training, their dedication, and their willingness to do what’s right at all times is what set us apart and why you should make the call now to schedule your own free care consultation.

Family Bridges Home Care Transportation program for Seniors and Adults

Do You Have Questions?

Our team of Care Managers are on call 24/7 to answer your questions and work with you to design a customized home care plan that is right for you.

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Disabled/Disability Home Care Services. What You Can Expect.

With 24/7, around-the-clock care, a caregiver is always watching over your loved one, offering emotional support, reducing fall risk and assisting in all activities of daily living including:

Our at-home caregivers can provide:
  • A safe environment in the home – and away from home.
  • Courtesy transportation.
  • Grooming, dressing and hygiene assistance.
  • Meal planning, preparation and clean-up.
  • Light housekeeping – including laundry.
  • Meaningful companionship.
  • Provide respite care.