Cancer In-Home Care

Family Bridges helps make life a little easier for cancer patients as they recover at home in Cincinnati and Northwest Kentucky. Our skilled and compassionate care staff offer a wealth of services aimed at helping you recover faster – from simple household chores to transportation to and from your doctors’ appointments. Our plan is help you and your medical team while we handle the day-to-day activities of life at home. You can count on our sole focus to be you, your health, and your mindset.

There may be many things that are too difficult for you to handle alone as you recover from chemotherapy or radiation. Our caregivers will be there to tackle these challenges for you; leaving you to put all your energy into healing. After all you’ve been through, and your family too, it’s time to take it easy and let our professionals do the work. You deserve it and so does your family.

Family Bridges caregivers know how hard it is to battle cancer and the toll it can take on a family. Let us be your buffer between stress and worry. Allow us to help you make the speediest recovery possible by handling all the details you shouldn’t be bothered with at this time. We offer free care consultations where you can get answers to all your home care questions, so make the call today and speak with a Family Bridges professional.

Home Care for Cancer Patients

At Family Bridges, we understand the value of recovering at home from cancer treatment. The familiar sights and sounds, the closeness to family and friends, these things play a role in your recovery – and so do the outstanding services from Family Bridges. Our caregivers will do all within their power to speed your recovery and enhance your living environment every single day. It’s just one of the many reasons why cancer patients call on us first for great care.

Choose Family Bridges for at-home cancer care for meaningful emotional support and companionship. Choose Family Bridges for transportation to appointments, treatments, and family outings. Choose Family Bridges for meal preparation, light housekeeping, hygiene and dressing assistance, and more. Choose Family Bridges and get the care you need from people who really care about you. It’s that easy.

Family Bridges provides care for cancer patients in Cincinnati.

Do You Have Questions?

Our team of Care Managers are on call 24/7 to answer your questions and work with you to design a customized home care plan that is right for you.

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Cancer Home Care Services. What You Can Expect.

With 24/7, around-the-clock care, a caregiver is always watching over your loved one, offering emotional support, reducing fall risk and assisting in all activities of daily living including:

Our professional home care staff will provide:
  • Emotional support and companionship.
  • Transportation to doctor appointments, treatments, family outings, etc.
  • Shopping, errands and pet care.
  • Assistance with meal preparation, hygiene, and dressing.
  • Medication reminders.
  • Light housekeeping.