24 Hour Home Care

Elder women in her chair.

Family Bridges is one of the leading 24 hour home care agencies in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky.

24 hour Care Giving is needed for those that pose a threat to themselves by wandering or having physical or mental limitations. Seniors, who are awake at night or show symptoms of “sundowners”, (i.e.: tend to be more irritable and active at night), do well with 24 hour care. 24 hour care is achieved on a shift basis. This assures you and your loved one that there is always an observant and attentive caregiver on hand for assistance.

Live-In Care Giving is appropriate when minimal care is needed at night and your loved one is able to sleep through the night. Live-In care is for those seniors who do not need constant assistance to ensure their safety. This is more cost effective over 24 hour care.

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