Independent Living of Ohio

This page is dedicated to topics regarding local independent living in Cincinnati, Ohio. We will discuss what these facilities are and places around town for elders to live safely.

Independent living communities are also commonly called retirement communities. These type of living arrangements are usually gated communities with either apartment complexes, condos, or sometimes houses.

Independent living is typically for the active senior with ages ranging from around 55 to 75. It’s meant for people that can safety live on their own but want the security and live near other similar people.

When It Is Time To Move On

Usually it is time for a senior to move out of a independent living establishment when they aren’t able to care for themselves. Since seniors become comfortably situated in one place at these facilities, most of them don’t like to leave. So Family Bridges offers in home care services if you need assistance. If you have a elder requiring help at times in a independent living community, you can contact us here for more information. We will send a trusted caregiver out when ever you need them to help with anything around the home.

Where The Local Facilities Are

There are a vast number of facilities around town. A lot of them also have a wide range of different services and accommodations. Of course the prices will range dramatically also. To help you start your research, we listed a few places around the Cincinnati area on our retirement communities page since they are considered the same thing.