More Seniors are Falling.

With the advancement of the healthcare system and a better understanding of the human body, elders these days have been living longer. Along with this older age, there has also been a larger amount of serious and sometimes fatal injuries from falling.

A recent article published by The New York Times called “Bracing for the Falls of an Aging Nation” discusses the rising rates of injuries from falls.

This article also discusses some of the safety policies that retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes are implementing to prevent accidents. Although this may be a good way to reduce falls, it can limit an elder’s independence and requires a staff member to help when one is available. Eventually lawsuits followed. In one example, residents were allowed to move freely without assistance at less busy times.

While there are negatives to these safety policies, they are a good idea to put in place for facilities which don’t have enough staff members to keep an eye on all residents and prevent an accident before it happens.

The other option is Family Bridges home care services which include:

  • providing one on one dedicated personal service, so there is no waiting for help from under-staffed caregivers
  • increases independence, while allowing a peace of mind knowing that a caregiver is always available and able to assist if help is needed
  • reduces the likely-hood of a fall because many caregivers are able to see when an elder is struggling and catch them if needed

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