Bathing a senior comfortably.

In this post, we are featuring a video by Teepa Snow, Dementia and Alzheimer’s care expert, to discuss how to bath a senior in their home with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Proper hand support positions

Allowing the senior to grab your hand while getting into the bath tub is important so they feel safe and to prevent them from falling. Teepa discusses the essentials on holding their hand.

  • Grab their Dominant Hand– remember to grab their dominant hand where they having motor memory doing tasks the best. So if they are right handed, grab their right hand for support.
  • Don’t grab the hand like you’re shaking hands too long– people have a natural tendency to shake hands and let go. People with Dementia may not fully understand what you are doing and try to pull away.
  • Palm to palm hand position is best– pressure on the palm is known to calm humans. Make your hand the bottom one and place your opposite hand on top for warmth.

Setting up Comfortable Conditions

  • Make sure you are face to face– this ensures the senior doesn’t feel like they’re being bossed around in an uncomfortable manner. This also allows easy communication and easy for them to understand.
  • Make sure the water and room is warm– this ensures they will be willing to undress their shirt and pants without being too cold.
  • Place a warm towel around them– after some of their clothes are removed, comfort them with a warm towel which also makes them less exposed.

Ease them into Undressing

Along with the above techniques, Teepa shares these steps to slowly making them willing to fully undress for proper bathing.

  1. Remove only outer clothes– she suggests to only have the remove their outer clothes until they are in their underwear and bra.
  2. Shower them with towel and underclothes first– after their under clothing is wet, the natural tendency will be to remove them and make sense too.

The technique of bathing seniors with a towel over the private areas will make it more comfortable for both the caregiver and senior. It can also prevent their private areas from being exposed while bathing.

Although these techniques make it more manageable for family member’s to bath their senior, most folks don’t feel comfortable and will have someone outside the family help.

Our trained caregivers can help with bathing your senior to make them feel better and maintain a healthy hygiene. Please contact us to discuss how we can help at (888) 900-0048 or via our online contact form.

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