senior eye-sight issues

Caring for the Elderly Who Have Possible Eye Related Problems

Knowing the Cause and How to Address Poor Eyesight Problems

Poor eyesight is one of the expected issues that comes with aging. More often than not, most seniors develop blurry vision, and worst, may become blind.

Every person’s eyesight decreases with time which is dependent on their genetics, physiological, cultural and habitual background. A person who has taken care of their eyesight when they were younger, is of course, more likely to have better vision as they get old, otherwise, it is safe to blame genetics.

Special equipment like eye lasers, treatments like medication and supplements, or eye accessories like glasses and contact lenses may either temporarily or permanently increase vision. But as aging is inevitable, so is decreasing vision.

Understanding Cataracts in Elder people

The cloudy part that blocks the ability of elderly to see clearly is called cataracts. The ability to see depends on the amount and severity of blockage of cataract to the light that pass through the eye lenses.

Eye surgery and laser procedures can be done, but an older person may not be able to handle it depending on the health risk. Proper consultation with an eye expert specialist must be consulted.

Expectation of Degenerative Vision Due to Old age

There are other degenerative eyesight conditions to consider in aging. These are retinopathy due to diabetes, glaucoma, and macular deterioration due to ageing.

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