When my grandmother started having mobility problems in her mid 80’s, our family knew that she was going to need assistance for the later years of her life. So we started looking for possible options. One option was placing her in a nursing home so we looked around the Cincinnati area for great homes with reasonable prices. Here are some of the things we observed about local nursing homes:

  • Some living areas looked great, but others had unfriendly staff. My point here is to take a good look at the nursing homes and make sure the environment is somewhere that your elder could live happily.
  • A lot of the elders in these homes seemed down and helpless. So find a home that looks lively and where the elders are happy or check out another option.
  • Some had impressive outdoor environments and others were very simple. If your elder enjoys the outdoors, you might want to look for an home that has a large outside area with sidewalks for taking a stroll.
  • We also heard from people that a lot of elders in nursing homes don’t live as long due to deterioration of mental & emotional health from feeling helpless.

Things That We Concluded

Here are some of the things that we concluded about living arrangements and nursing homes.

  • The first thing we had to do was to not only find a good home to fit her needs, but to see if a nursing home in general is a good fit for her personality. We concluded that it definitely wasn’t a good option. We asked her many times if it was okay to place her in a nursing home and she always insisted on staying home.
  • We realized that our elder was happier living at home. She insisted on living at her home for the last days of her life because it brought back good memories of her husband and family parties. It was always the meeting place for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all the other holidays.
  • The best option for her seemed to be living at home. We looked at some of the in home health & basic services like the ones offered at Family Bridges. Before choosing a in home agency, we found that many family members could help take care of her at home throughout each week. But some families are way too busy to take care of their elder, even if 1 person of the family dedicates 1 day per week to care for them. So the other option is to hire a in home caregiver aide. The benefit to hiring a home care agency is that they know what to look for in a quality care giver, do extensive background checks, and train them for safety. You can contact Family Bridges for more information.

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  1. You guys go through a neat process to get to your conclusion. I actually see quite a few clients in Northern KY and Cincinnati, so I’ll definitely pass your information along. I do elder financial consulting in Louisville and Southern IN. Assistance for elders does not always mean that they have to go to an assisted living facility. Like you said, there may be options for home caregivers or family members to help out some.

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