Someone asked me recently, how do I choose a home care company? There are so many. How do I make sure they have good and qualified caregivers? Here is how I answered:

Many people find a home care company, first, by recommendation. Ask the person from whom the referral came why they chose this company. Write down your concerns and questions before phoning the company or meeting with them. What is your ideal schedule, hours of service and place of residence? Can this company meet your needs for schedule and do they cover your residential area? Next, ask them about their caregiver recruiting practices. Do they do background checks and drug screening? What kind of training, background, certifications or experience do they require of their employees? Have they won any awards for service or employee satisfaction? Are there testimonials available? Do they have a nurse or LPN on staff? How is the care plan information shared with family and other in-home providers? Are they available 24/7 for questions and concerns? Are important decisions made locally? Who are the other members of the team and how do they collaborate to ensure great communication and care? Do they accept long term care insurance? Will they help you find other resources to help you get the best care for your loved one? Do they have a “Meet the Caregiver” program, so that you may interview your aide before service begins? How long have they been in business?

We are in Ohio and Ohio is a non-licensure state for non-medical home care companies. This means that anyone can operate a home care business. However, some are certified as a preferred provider with organizations like Council on Aging or Clermont County Senior Services. This means that they must submit to regular audits and follow the guidelines set forth by these organizations. This can be a good indicator of a company that is going above and beyond to ensure safe care for your loved one. Make sure to ask about such affiliations.

Although price can be an important component to this decision, so much more should go into your choice of home care providers. When you are conducting your research, make sure that you get as much information as possible for peace of mind.

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