Our Home Care Testimonials & Reviews

Each month Family Bridges has a third party perform telephone interviews with 10% of Family Bridges clients.  The clients selected are randomly chosen.

Below are some of the comments we have received since the start of 2011.

They have done what they said they were going to do when they said they would do it.  I love our caregiver. She is great. She is very attentive. She does what she has to do. She has him up and ready for me to take over when I get home from work.  She just does what needs to be done

Amy L.

I appreciate that they are exactly what they advertised they would be. They are also flexible with the schedule and that is really helpful


The caregiver is excellent. She goes above and beyond!  She doesn’t sit still.  If there isn’t something to do she will find something to do.  She is always working to help Mr. B.  I think Mr. B just loves the caregiver and she loves him. She is always working to help Mr. B

Linda M.

Family Bridges staff has bent over backwards to accommodate us.  They are outstanding.

If they didn’t do what was promised we wouldn’t have them back.  That being said, they have done exactly what we have hired them to do.  We are very satisfied.  I appreciate their caregivers. They are conscientious and overall they are just good at what they do

Bob T.

I was using a national franchise company before….Family Bridges offered everything I needed. I chose to go with Family Bridges because they were willing to give me what I wanted.  “My caregiver is excellent.  She is all I could ask for.  We hug each other when she comes and goes. Being a caregiver isn’t just a job for her; she actually cares and wants to help me.  She is just perfect.”

Jeanette M.

We had tried another agency, and they kept sending different people.  Family Bridges has been so great, and they have been sending the same people consistently.  It’s worked out very well.  The caregivers are very nice, polite and helpful.  My father really enjoys having them there for company and companionship.  It works out very nicely.”