About the Team

Family Bridges is under new ownership and management after an acquisition in December 2020.

Jon Wooley – Director

Jon Wooley is a Registered Nurse who has focused his career on supporting, teaching and counseling people living with dementia along with their families and care partners. His Nursing career started in Psychiatric nursing care and has spent the last 8 years working in Hospice and in private Homecare.

Jon enjoys working with people living with dementia and their families. Through his work experience and training, he has had the opportunity to learn and fully embrace the PAC philosophy. Jon plans to continue to develop and provide dementia resources in his area that are based on the principles of PAC.

To learn more about the Positive Approach to Care (PAC) framework, click here.

Jon Wooley is the Director of Family Bridges

Allowing someone into your home to provide homecare for you or your loved one is never a simple decision. At Family Bridges we understand this, and have developed a system that will make the choice easier for you.

We help match you to a caregiver that will understand the unique needs and personality of you and your loved one. We’ll make sure you meet potential caregivers in advance so you have the time and information necessary to make comfortable and confident choice.

We are also one of the most trusted elder care companies in the tri-state. Trust is an important factor when choosing a care giver to come into an elders home. You can read more about what clients are saying in our client testimonials area.

This was conducted by a 3rd party quality assurance company which have also gave us “Best of Home Care” awards many years now.