About the Founder

Mike Garfunkel has lived in both areas Family Bridges serves right here in the Tri-state. He is the owner and operator of Family Bridges Home Care.

Mike was raised in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Cincinnati to attend college in 1980 and has lived here since. Growing up, Mike was raised in a close family environment and has been happy to establish his own family and business close to his roots.

After graduating from UC, he entered a career in the service industry as a Financial Advisor for several Wall Street firms. While this was a good profession, over time it became less satisfying emotionally. After several years exploring different career avenues, non-medical home care seemed to answer the call.

This was an opportunity to start his own business and control the quality of the care delivered to seniors. He was also able to make an immediate and significant positive impact on many people’s lives.

He has seen first hand the difficulties of caring for aging grandparents. He saw how hard it was for everyone to juggle their responsibilities to be sure our loved ones were cared for while making sure all of his other commitments to job and family were still met. Consequently, it was very easy to understand the real need for high quality, affordable private duty home care.

Mike Garfunkel

Mike Garfunkel

President and Founder

About Our Business

In 2003, Mike opened a non-medical national franchised agency. This is a very satisfying profession and we developed systems to ensure our service were delivered at the highest levels of quality. We had great success and started another franchise in Dayton Ohio in 2004.

In 2009, after having served nearly 2000 individuals, it became apparent that we no longer needed a franchise to deliver the highest quality service in these markets. Thus, he terminated the franchise agreement and Family Bridges Home care was born.