How well seniors live the golden years of their life will be determined by how well they take care of themselves at the start and how well we as family take care of them when they need assistance. As the video states, the four things that medical doctors typically recommend are shown below:

  1. Regular physical activity. Seniors are never too old to participate in moderate exercise even if it is a short walk or stroll in a wheelchair. Exercise can reduce the likelihood of falling and fracturing bones in fact maintaining your fitness.
  2. Pay more attention to diet and nutrition. Controlling how much is eaten and the quality of food is extremely important. Before each meal decide the serving size needed and pay more attention to the FDA nutrition facts that are printed on the side of most packaged foods.
  3. Keep the mind active. By constantly learning and stimulating their mind can help them retain a healthy mind.
  4. Focus on improving their strength through light weights can help restore a sense of balance, strengthen the bones and maintain a healthy weight.

Family Bridges is a senior home care service that can work with your family to take care of an elder and focus on the important things in their life. Contact us and request more information.

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