In this video, various sons and daughters discuss how their role changed as their parents became older with issues such as Parkinson’s disease, memory problems, etc. Many see their parent as more of a friend until they start to age into an elder.

As you can see, it can be a difficult time when you start seeing your parents become older, requiring more help through daily life activities. Some contemplate on what the next step should be in taking care of them.

You may see your relationship slightly change with your senior parent early on. When this starts to happen, it is important to start talking to them about a care plan for the later years of their life. It will make the transition much easier on you and them, so they know what to expect as they continue in that direction with time.

Family Bridges is a Cincinnati based senior home care agency with many years of experience handling these issues. When you start to see signs requiring assistance, please call us for more information on how we can reduce the stress for everyone.

Mike Garfunkel
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Mike is currently the administrator for Family Bridges, which is a home care agency in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky. He is fully dedicated to providing the best home care services for the elderly.