In this TEDx talk, Amy O’Rourke discusses three areas in lowering stress that deserves attention:

  1. Denial of Reality– many of us deny the facts of people getting older because we dislike the thoughts and become shocked at the amount of stress of dealing with an aging parent when it happens.
  2. Knowing Basic Ground Rules
    • Don’t reverse the parental roles and boss your elder around. This can create tension and more stress.
    • Older people in hospitals don’t tend to get along. Get them out of it if they aren’t having surgery there.
    • Aging is a one way transition.
  3. Accepting it as a Lifestyle change. Whether your aging parent lives in the same city or not, the responsibility is there. Those that accept this usually have less stress. Since we live in a busy society, taking care of elders can be a benefit for you to slow down.

Amy brings out some great points when taking care of your elder parent. Using a combination of these ideas, along with our home care services, can make this transition easier on everyone. Give Family Bridges, a Cincinnati home health care agency, a call to set up a consultation to discuss how we can help.

Mike Garfunkel
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